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2014 Competitors

Havard Bo (NOR)

Havard is a 38-year-old Stavanger-based, engineer who enjoys a challenge. His adventures started with mountain hiking from an early age, and he has conducted numerous hiking trips in the jungles of Asia and South America as well as mountains worldwide. Håvard is aiming to be the first Norwegian to join the Marathon Grand Slam club; i.e. finish a marathon on each of the Seven Continents and on the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole Marathon. After completing the Volcano Marathon, Håvard hopes to become a member of the Club the following week when he takes part in the 2014 Antarctica Ice Marathon.

Ian Egan (IRL)

Ian is a sports injury therapist who holds a marathon PB of 2:43 hrs. He also holds a PB of 25:11 for 8k and a 10k PB of 32:16. Ian completed the North Pole Marathon in 2013 despite suffering from hypothermia during the race, and also completed the 2013 Volcano Marathon. He's back again for more punishment! Ian likes piina coladas and getting caught in the rain, he's not much into health food, he is into champagne.

Enzo Ferrari (CHL)

Enzo is a professional ultra trail runner who has also won shorter events over 5k, 10k and half-marathon distances. He has been based in New Zeland for the past couple of years where he won a couple of 50km races (Bedrock and St. James) and ran the Tarawera 100k twice as well as the North Face 100k in Australia. More recently he took second place in the Endurance Challenge 80k in his native Chile.

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld (GER)

Anne-Marie has won ultrarunning events in the Atacama, Sahara and Gobi deserts as well as in the Antarctic region. A Sports Scientist based in St Moritz, Switzerland, she loves the mountains. In 2013, she was third overall in the Manaslu Trail Race in Nepal and ran from the lowest to the highest point of Switzerland. More recently, she won the 2014 UVU North Pole Marathon in record time and also won the 2014 Zugspitz Ultra Trail Race and Transylvania Trail Run. Anne-Marie is an Ambassador the Paulchen Esperanza Foundationand writes a weekly blog at www.annemariedflammersfeld.blogspot.com

Frank Fuessl (GER)

Frank is an experienced endurance athlete of 30 years and has finished 9 Ironmen, 26 marathons (best time 2:57:30), 6 roller blade marathons and hundreds of half marathons, 10 k runs and short distance triathlons. He prefers “exotic” marathons such as the Baikal Ice Marathon, Gobi Marathon, Zermatt Marathon and Arctic Circle Marathon compared to the big City Marathons. He also loves trail running. Frank's greatest athletic achievements were a 2nd place finish in the German student’s triathlon championship  in 1995 and winning the Gobi Marathon in 2010 and Managua Marathon in  2013. He loves to travel around the world having visited 95 countries and having participated in running competitions in 16 countries on 5 continents, still missing South America.

Graham Gillespie (AUS)

Graham is 54-year-old recreational runner born in Frankston Australia and who now lives at Béziers in the south of France. He started running marathons in 2005 for a bit of a challenge after retiring from the military. Since then, in between working in Africa, he has run the Victoria and Niagara Falls marathons, the Okinawa marathon in Japan and the Rome and Seville Marathons among other events. He additionally completed the North Pole Marathon in 2012 and will run the Antarctic Marathon the week after the Volcano Marathon. Graham is hoping to run a marathon under 4 hours one day and to make it into the Grand Slam club before getting too old to enjoy running. 

Cristian Garcia Huidobro (CHL)

Cristian has climbed both Everest and K2, the highest and second highest peaks in the world, respectively. He was the first Chilean to scale both summits and was awarded the Best National Climber Award in both 1992 and 1996. In July 2007 he also climbed Nanga Parbat, a mythical 8,125 metre peak renowned for its difficulty and climbing mortality rates. Cristian has participated in numerous ultramarathons in Chile and Argentina, including the 70Kms en Ultra Maratón de Lican Ray, the 80Kms en Ultra Maratón de Los Andes, the 100Kms en Ultra Maratón Cruce de Los Andes, the 160Kms en Ultra Maratón La Misión, and the Atacama Crossing.

Kenneth Krys (CAN)

Ken is an eperienced ultramarathon runner who has run various marathons and ultras including the Antarctic Ice Marathon, Marathon des Sables, NY City Marathon, Jamaica Marathon Philadelphia Marathon, Cross Timbers 50 miler (Texas), Running with the Devil 50 miler (Mohave Desert), Comrades (South Africa) and Off the Beaten Track 50 km (Cayman) among others. Ken is 51 years of age, originally from Canada but now residing in the Caribbean and working as a forensic accountant.

Jorg Lindemann (GER)

Jorg is running the Volcano Marathon with his friend and colleague Christoph Zitzmann. They both started running in 2011 with the German obstacle run 'Braveheart Battle' and have since continued to take part in obstacle runs up to 30km. They had little time for training this year due to their commitments to Europe's exclusive car company: Auto-Zitzmann.com. To compensate for their missedtraining, they expandeded their competitions to ultra trail marathons, including the 100k Fishriver Canyon ultra marathon in Namibia. 

Carla Albornoz Lopez (CHL)

Profile to be added.

Masao Maki (JPN)

Masao describes himself as a" 61-years-old lazy recreational runner" who lives in Boulder Colorado. He has run the Tokyo marathon 3 times in a row and hopes to join the 7 Continents Marathon Club and North Pole Marathon Grand Slam Club after running the Volcano Marathon. A Sushi chef living in Boulder, Colorado, he is the author of 15 non fiction books. 

Yusuke Mamada (JPN)

Yusuke is an IT consultant and Project Manager who has completed several marathons and ultramarathons in Japan. He completed the North Pole Marathon this year, his first time to run in cold conditions and also his first time to run a race outside of his native country. The Volcano Marathon will be his first trail marathon and his second adventure racing experience. He wants to share his special experience of these events with others, spreading a message to "never give up and keep your fighting spirits to achieve your goal".

Audrey McIntosh (GBR)

Audrey is an experienced marathon and ultra marathon runner who mainly runs in the Scottish Highlands where there is a wide range of challenging ultra events. She has run the 72 mile Great Glen Ultra and the Glenmore 24 trail race (a 24 hour event) this year. Bitten by the adventure bug she is now participating in events further afield and would ultimately like to run an ultra on every continent. In 2013 she ran both the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the Antarctic 100km finishing 4th in the ladies marathon and 3rd overall in the 100km (and only female finisher). The Volcano Marathon will be her first time running at altitude and she is raising funds for Alzheimer Scotland.

Sebastian Olguin Medina (CHL)

Profile to be added.

Cinthya Cisternas Morales (CHL)

Profile to be added.

Sandra Nunez (MEX)

Sandra lives in Mexico City and competes regularly in vertical running or 'tower running'. She was the World Cup silver medallist in 2010 and has competed in the Empire State, Petron Towers and other famous tower ascents. She elected to run 50k at last year's Volcano Marathon event.

Nelson Sepulveda (CHL)

Profile to be added.

Jon O'Shea (GBR)

Jon became a member of the Grand Slam Club in 2010 having completed a marathon on each of the seven continents and at the North Pole. The Volcano Marathon will be his 35th Marathon in total and his 10th for 2014 as he builds his training towards the World Marathon Challenge (7 Marathons, 7 Continents, 7 Days) in 2015. Having completed the Grand Slam, Jon decided to start ticking off all the countries in Europe and has now run marathons in 21 different European countries and counting.

Harold Won Ponce (CHL)

Harold was the first placed Chilean competitor in the La Mision Race (160km) in 2012 and 2014. He has also run the Ultramaraton de los Andes (80km) on two occasions, the 50km and 80km Endurance Challenge Chile, the 100km Patagonia Run and the 4 Refugios (80km Stage Race).

Judy Scrine (GBR)

Having "staggered" her way to completing the North Pole Marathon in April this year, Judy has now got the 'Grand Slam' bug and is very excited to have a chance at both the Volcano and Antarctic Ice Marathon this year.  Being travel-obsessive, completing these marathons, getting to 80 degrees south and hopefully also the Geographic South Pole ticks yet more things off “The Bucket List” and would mean getting half way to the Grand Slam. Marathon training must fit around her work as an equine veterinary surgeon in the (usually) gentle climes of Surrey and Sussex in the UK, and her other sports include endurance cycling and scrambling up the odd mountain. 

Rudi Speer (GER)

Rudi's favourite sports are cycling and running and he has completed 244 marathons on 7 continents. He was born in Erding, near Munich, Germany. After studying in Munich, Rudi  settled in Idar Oberstein where he conducts office-based work. 

Gary Thornton (IRL)

Gary is a top marathon runner with a PB of 2:17 hrs at only his second attempt at the distance and who hopes to qualify for the Rio Olympics. He won the 2010 Irish 10,000 metre track championships and has previously won Irish and British universities championships and numerous Irish titles at underage level. He has also been selected to represent Ireland on many occasions, including at x-country and road running. He made his debut at the marathon distance in Amsterdam in 2011, posting 2:19 hrs and followed up with a 2:17 in Rotterdam in April 2012. In 2013, he won the UVU North Pole Marathon.

Simon Wrenn (GBR)

Simon is currently attempting to be the first person in the world to achieve a DNF at the marathon distance on all seven continents plus the North Pole.  Early indications from his current training for the Volcano Marathon indicate that we is well on target to achieve this ambitious goal!

Christoph Zitzmann (GER)

Christoph is running the Volcano Marathon with his friend and colleague Jorg Lindemann. They both started running in 2011 with the German obstacle run 'Braveheart Battle' and have since continued to take part in obstacle runs up to 30km. They had little time for training this year due to their commitments to Europe's exclusive car company: Auto-Zitzmann.com. To compensate for their missedtraining, they expandeded their competitions to ultra trail marathons, including the 100k Fishriver Canyon ultra marathon in Namibia.