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2017 Competitors

Marcelo Alves (BRA)

Marcelo is a veteran of the North Pole Marathon, Antarctic Ice Marathon and World Marathon Challenge (7 Marathons 7 Continents 7 days) and has run the Volcano marathon once before. He hopes to be a positive example to others by finishing the race and will promote the movement 'Stronger Brazil - Become a Bone Marrow Donor'. The Volcano Marathon, in his opinion, is one of the most difficult marathon in the world.

Silvana Camelio (CHL)

Silvana is a very experienced marathon and trail runner and has won the 2015 Antarctic Ice Marathon and 2017 World Marathon Challenge (7 Marathons 7 Continents 7 Days).

Maria Chamorro (CHL)

Bio to be added.

Victor Consunji (PHI)

Victor is CEO of Victor Consunji Development Corporation, a property development firm operating in the Philippine real estate market. As a marathoner, he has enjoyed running in many locations around the world, both on and off road. The Volcano Marathon will be his sixth continent, and will be quickly followed by its sister race the Antarctic Ice Marathon, and therefore his seventh continent. If successful in both locations, Victor will simultaneously join the 7 Continents Marathon Club and the Marathon Grand Slam, having completed the North Pole Marathon in 2016. As a Filipino, he takes pride in the fact that he was the first Filipino to run the North Pole Marathon, and now will be the first and only Filipino to have run a marathon in both the Arctic and Antarctic. Victor has also run the New York Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Kenya WIldlife Marathon, Perth City to Surf Marathon and the Tokyo Marathon. He has also competed in triathlons such as Ironman Barcelona 2016, Ironman Port Macquarie 2017 and Ironman 70.3 in Cebu, Thailand and Florida. Future goals include completing all the other Marathon Majors, the Marathon De Sables in 2018 and the World Marathon Challenge (7 Marathons 7 Continents 7 Days).

Adrian Dodson-Shaw (AUS)

Adrian is a proud Kaytetye/Yawuru man who grew up in Broome, WA. A 2014 Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP) graduate, Adrian became the first Australian Aboriginal man in history to set foot at the North Pole when he completed the North Pole Marathon in 2014. He has changed his life via the IMP - giving up alcolol and losing 18kg in weight - and Adrian has used his experience to inspire his community, establishing a fitness and running group in Broome, as well as driving the local Deadly Fun Run Series. Adrian has now relocated from Broome to Canberra to take on the position as IMP Head Coach and Program Manager, and has done a remarkable job of transitioning from graduate into coach. Indeed, Adrian is IMP’s first Indigenous Head Coach and Program Manager, and is continuously encouraging, mentoring, and supporting people of all ages and abilities to get active and healthy.

William Gargiullo (SUI)

William is a very experienced marathon and ultramarathon runner who has successfully completed events across the globe. He has run ultramarathon stage races in the Sahara Desert and China, the 100km de Bienne in native Switzerland on 20 occasions, and mountain / altitude races such as the Tenzing-Hilary Everest Marathon, Jungfrau Marathon, Swiss Alpine Marathon, Mount Etna Marathon and Zermatt Marathon. He run the North Pole Marathon in 2014 and the Antarctic 100k in 2016. In 2017, he went to Siberia to run the Lake Baikal Marathon on the frozen lake. He has also completed numerous regular marathon distances including Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Helsinki, Copenhage, Boston, Melbourne and Istanbul to name but a few.

Enrique Garin (CHL)

Enrique is a physical education teacher by vocation and hotel administrator by decision! Running was his favorite sports activity as his time and knees allowed it. Currently residing in Southern Patagonia,the 58-year-old now combines sports such as Nordic Skiing, snowshoeing, sea kayaking in the waters of the Strait of Magellan, mountain biking and some running and walking with Ton, a street dog adopted as part of the family. He has run marathons in North America, South America and Antarctica.

Heather Hawkins (AUS)

Heather is a 52-year-old mother of two who only took up long distance running five years ago. She has since clocked up 19 marathons and 3 ultra marathons, including winning the 2015 North Pole Marathon and completing the 2016 World Marathon Challenge (7 Marathons 7 Continents 7 Days). Since overcoming Ovarian cancer in 2007, Heather hasn’t looked back, becoming a volunteer Australian Surf Life Saver, trekking 1700 km along the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal, and becoming an ambassador for the Indigenous Marathon Foundation and the CanToo Foundation. Heather's recently had her Autobiography ‘Adventurous Spirit’ published by Murdoch Books, and she’s now hard at work writing her next book - a children’s novel based on her adventures in remote outback Australia. She is looking forward to swapping the white sand of the Coogee beach with the red sand of the Atacama Desert. Heather hopes that by running the Volcano Marathon she’ll tick another challenge off her ‘Second Chance at Life’ list and hopes to encourage others to find their own adventurous spirit within. She plans to cross the finish line wearing her Surf Life Saving cap, a teal ribbon to help raise awareness about Ovarian Cancer, raise funds for cancer research through the CanToo Foundation and will celebrate the occasion with her favourite word ‘UNREAL!'

Joris Husser (SUI)

Joris has been running for Geneva Athletic Club since childhood, with a prefernece for 800m on the track. At 33 years old, and a newly wed, Joris is now having what he calls a 'pre mid-life crisis' and is looking for a new challenge. The Volcano Marathon experience will be his second marathon after the New York City Marathon last year. His goal is to run one exotic or exceptional marathon on each of the seven continents over seven years. Joris is an electro-mechanic working in a hospital and a volunteer fire-fighter.

Leslie Leiva (CHL)

Bio to be added.

Carlos Millan (CHL)

Carlos has enjoyed running since his childhood and a few years ago discovered trail running. He likes the special connection with Nature that trail running offers and has run long distance events such as Tenerife, Fitz Roy, Monte Tarn, Cerro Castillo, ultratrail Torres del Paine and Ultra Fiord, all in Patagonia. Carlos also had the opportunity to take part in the Mont Blanc ultra trail in 2016 as well as the Antarctic Ice Marathon. He is now very exited at the prospect of taking part in the 2017 Volcano Marathon.

Steve Murphy (GBR)

Steve ran the North Pole Marathon in 2006 which he thoroughly recommends! He has rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, run the length of Great Britain, and very recently cycled 1000 miles in 5 days. His aim is just to finish and enjoy the event.

Tom Perkins (GBR)

Tom has run the Gobi Desert Marathon (Mongolia), Everest Marathon (Nepal), Helmand Desert Marathon (Afghanistan), Stanley Marathon (Falkland Islands) and the Death Valley Marathon (USA) among others. Every two years he picks a country where he's either always wanted to go or have a necessary reason to go with his work and he finds the most demanding marathon event. He attempts them for 3 reasons: as a vehicle to raise some money for a charity he's passionate about, for the the love of travel and adventure, and to help inspire his children to achieve great things. Tom is very much looking forward to the challenge of the Volcano Marathon.

Georgeta Petrescu (ROM)

Georgeta is an adventure seeker. The Volcano Marathon will be her second marathon after The Great Wall of China. She is training for triathlon, loves mountain climbing, enduro and motocross

Becca Pizzi (USA)

Becca is 37 years old and live in Belmont MA with her husband Joe and 9-year-old daughter Taylor. She won the 2016 World Marathon Challenge (7 Marathons 7 Continents 7 days) in a world record performance, also becoming the first American female to complete the Challenge. Th Volcano Marathon will be Becca's 62nd marathon and her current goal is to finish marathons in all 50 states and to run all of the Global Running Adventures marathon series.

Joao Santos (POR)

Joao is the first Portugese to join the 7 Continents Marathon Club and the Marathon Grand Slam Club. A mechanical engineer who works as a Sales Manager in a multinational engineering company, he has run regularly for more than 30 years, completing marathons as diverse as Berlin, New York and London to the Athens Classic Marathon to the Two Oceans Ultra to the North Pole and Antarctic Ice marathons.

Bruce Steele (AUS)

Bruce was dragged to Greenland last year as an “accompanying person” for wife Julie and so decided to complete his first long distance event, a half-marathon across the Polar Circle at the age of 58 years. He then completed the 63 km Tarawera Ultramarathon in New Zealand earlier this year, although he extended the distance by taking an “unexpected detour”. The Volcano Marathon will be Bruce’s first marathon length event, as long as he keeps on track. A Finance Manager, Bruce enjoys taking his time at the back of the pack, soaking in the views and meeting the local people.

Julie Steele (AUS)

Julie completed her first marathon last year, the Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland, at the age of 56 years. She loved it so much she ran the half-marathon the next day to complete the Polar Bear Challenge. Julie subsequently tackled the 63km Tarawera Ultramarathon in New Zealand earlier this year, together with a few local trail races, and can’t wait to experience the Volcano Marathon, especially meeting the other participants and local Chilean people. A passionate amateur photographer and Senior Professor in Biomechanics, Julie aims to keep savouring the experience of off-road running adventures in spectacular locations as long as she can convince Bruce to join her.

Christian Stewart (USA)

Christian ran his first marathon in 2008 and quickly switched to running ultras. He has run a handful of 100 mile races or longer and several shorter races, normally trail. The Volcano Marathon will be Christian's first organised race in Chile, though he has run ultras near the Andes, inlcuding the Pachamama 100K in Tilcara Argentina and a few solo “ultra distance” runs in the peaks outside of Salta Argentina. He has also run ultra distances in Italy, Scotland , Bolivia , Brazil , and the USA. Christian's home is West Palm Beach where he hosts a charity race called the J.W. Corbett 50 Miler, which is run on a single track trail through the wild Florida scrub, from lake Okeechobee to the Atlantic Ccean. All the proceeds from the race fund youth musical programs in Argentina.

Jean Paul Trubert (CHL)

Bio to be added.