2024 Volcano Marathon
Pucon Edition
This will be the 11th Edition of the Volcano Marathon, the 2nd time operated in Pucon, Chile.
The location
The Volcano Marathon offers a captivating experience in Pucón, a charming town nestled in Southern Chile. While the marathon itself takes place on a single day, the program extends for 5 nights and 6 days, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in this exotic location. In Pucón, you can witness the majestic presence of an active volcano, venture into lush forests, indulge in relaxing hot springs, and be awestruck by the breathtaking rivers and lakes that paint unforgettable landscapes. With its authentic Chilean charm and awe-inspiring scenery, Pucón stands out as an extraordinary destination for all.
The volcano
Only a handful of volcanoes around the world have lava lakes, and one of them is Villarrica near Pucón, nestled in the Andes Mountains. Standing 9,380 ft (2,860 m) tall, it has permanent fumaroles (openings that release gases) and a crater that is 590 ft (180 m) wide. Inside the crater, there is a pool of lava about 400 ft (120 m) deep. The temperature of the lava is around 2,300°F (1,250°C). The volcano is also known as Rucapillán to the Mapuche people, which means "House of the Pillan" or "House of the Spirit." It is a fascinating and majestic natural wonder.
Taken on January 5, 2021, this photo captured the eruption plume of Villarrica Volcano with the celestial southern pole and the Magellanic Clouds and the beautiful Milky Way. Photographer Cari Letelier.
Marathon course
The Volcano Marathon is recognized as an official 42.195km, or 26.2-mile marathon on the South American continent. It is a full member of the Association of International Marathons & Distance Races (AIMS).

The marathon begins and ends at our main hotel, the Pucon Green Park Hotel, which is located at an elevation of 1,000 feet (300 meters). We start by running through the charming town of Pucon, mostly on smooth asphalt roads. As we continue, we move towards the magnificent Villarrica Volcano, following a country road that includes a mixture of dirt, volcanic ash, lava rocks, and small pebbles. When we reach the halfway point, we reach the highest elevation of the race, which is 5,300 feet (1,600 meters). From there, we start descending and make our way back to the Green Park Hotel. Throughout the marathon, we ascend a total of 4,300 feet (1,300 meters) and descend the same amount.
One of the most exciting and beloved activities in Pucón is rafting down the Trancura River, and we have included this thrilling adventure in the program the day before the marathon. This water-based experience begins with a brief training session where a guide provides instructions and demonstrates the necessary maneuvers for the journey. It's an exhilarating opportunity to enjoy the river's rapids and have a fantastic time before the marathon.
The day after the marathon, relax and rejuvenate in Pucón, renowned for its thermal waters that are enriched with natural minerals. These rejuvenating thermal centers are beloved by both visitors and the locals, adding an extra element of indulgence to your post-marathon recovery.
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Volcano Marathon

Pucon Edition