Itinerary for The 2024 Volcano Marathon - Pucon Edition
Day 1
Dec. 5, 2024
Arrive at Temuco Airport (ZCO). Take airport shuttle to Pucon and check in hotel. Pre-race meeting in the hotel.
Day 2
Dec. 6, 2024
Enjoy rafting in Trancura - Liucura River.
Day 3
Dec. 7, 2024
Race day of the Volcano Marathon!

The marathon begins and ends at our main hotel, the Pucon Green Park Hotel, which is located at an elevation of 1,000 feet (300 meters). We start by running through the charming town of Pucon, mostly on smooth asphalt roads. As we continue, we move towards the magnificent Villarrica Volcano, following a country road that includes a mixture of dirt, volcanic ash, lava rocks, and small pebbles. When we reach the halfway point, we reach the highest elevation of the race, which is 5,300 feet (1,600 meters). From there, we start descending and make our way back to the Green Park Hotel. Throughout the marathon, we ascend a total of 4,300 feet (1,300 meters) and descend the same amount.
Day 4
Dec. 8, 2024
The day after the marathon, relax and rejuvenate in Pucón, renowned for its thermal waters that are enriched with natural minerals. These rejuvenating thermal centers are beloved by both visitors and the locals, adding an extra element of indulgence to your post-marathon recovery.

Tickets and transportation are included.
Day 5
Dec. 9, 2024
The end of the trip. Free to Return to homeland, or continue your journey to the next destination.

Volcano Marathon

Pucon Edition